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Simpsons Guitars is your online stop for essential guitar accessories..! From strings and straps to plectrums and parts, we have everything you need. And, our low prices will be music to your ears!

Thank you for visiting our site! Simpsons guitars has been trading exclusively online since 2006. We deal directly with manufacturers to bring you the best quality products at the best prices!

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Working directly with manufacturers enables us to get products straight to customers with minimum fuss.  We’ve channelled 30+ years of experience  into carefully selecting products you can’t be without. Don’t be put off by our low prices. Remember, there is no middleman here.

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We carry an ever-expanding range of guitars and musical accessories. Our products are often great value substitutes for higher-priced, branded equivalents. Everything we sell is checked and play tested. If we wouldn’t use the products ourselves, we don’t see why you should!

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We want to provide you with great value products combined with reliable and honest customer service. Buy from us and you can be assured of

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This stringwinder is one of our most popular time saving multi purpose tools for changing strings and removing bridge pins. Use it on its own or use the detachable head on a drill and you too can change strings at 3000 rpm! #aliceguitarstrings #guitaraccessories #newguitarstrings #stringwinder #guitarmaintenance
Topped up on a few bits that might interest the folkies.. Susato oriole whistles landed this week. Available in C, D, B flat and E flat, they come in a neat plastic carry pouch with a free fingering chart #susato #traditionalmusic #pennywhistle #folkinstrument
These large triangle guitar picks are a contender for most popular product of the month. Lots of interest... especially in the heavier gauges #guitar #aliceguitarpicks #plectrums #guitaraccessories #guitarpicks
How about using these to create some summer samba tones? #percussion #musicalinstruments #cowbell #agogo
We partnered up with the Easttop harmonica company a few years back for  instruments to complement our guitars and accessories. These great little 10 hole harps are just some of the ever expanding range #harmonica #mouthorgan #bluesharp #harmonicas #harmonicabeginner
Another insight into the Alice guitar pick series, we've stocked these stubby style picks almost since our first day of trading in 2007. They're as popular today as they were back then #plectrums #guitarpicks #guitaraccessories #aliceguitarpicks #stubbypick #guitar
A wee selection from the 'wood tones' family in our percussion range. All smoothly finished and fine for little hands. Let your musical imagination run wild! #percussion #maracas #instrumentsforkids #agogo #musicalinstruments
How about a musical project for the kids during the summer? These ocarinas are cool little round flutes, a neat alternative to the recorder and come with a simple instruction book. Did you know ocarina means 'little goose'.....? #ocarina #recorder #windinstrument #musicalinstrument  #pennywhistle #flute
Some goodies for you ukulele enthusiasts!  #ukulele #alicestrings  #ukulelestrings
Well, seems like every second order is for individual guitar strings today! Here's some of our single electric guitar strings, available in .008 thru to .024 gauges. All individually packed so they stay fresh too #electricguitarstrings #guitar #aliceguitarstrings #guitaraccessories
After a recent accessory delivery, we're happy to say our guitar string bar is full to brimming once more, with some sets starting at less than a fiver! #acousticguitarstrings #electricguitarstrings #aliceguitarstrings #guitar #guitaraccessories #blacksmithstrings
As well as a mammoth range of strings, Alice do a spectacular range of guitar picks in all shapes, sizes & gauges. Here's a few from the celluloid teardrop series. Standard in the middle, smallest on the right and a just arrived in-betweeny version on the left #guitaraccessories #plectrums #guitar #guitarpick #aliceguitarpicks